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Beer Festival 2: Willenhall

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Beer festival 2: Willenhall, at Bar 442– essentially Sporting Khalsa‘s clubhouse, though that makes it sound a bit on the small side; it’s a good size, pleasant bar, and for the festival they’d usefully extended it with a marquee over decking at the back. Overall a great festival- good beer, great Indian food, good organisation and even good weather.

Scores as follows:

Beers advertised 15
Beers available 15
Ciders advertised 7
Ciders Available 7
Venue 80
JC Bonus 0
Friends Present 2

So a score of 126.

Festival -1: Walsall Beer Festival

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Sad to hear that this weekend’s Walsall Beer Festival is off:

or at least, not really the same:

So while we’ll see a kind of pre-determined pub crawl, the “tons of beer in one place” option is gone, and, I have to say, while the BCA is a fine pub in many ways, it’s not one of my favourites. The Wheatsheaf is a great pub, as is The Victoria, and The Drunken Duck is one of my locals, so they’ll be opportunity to try something new, hopefully.

[edit] The White Lion and The Fountain are also finding a home for some of the beer.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the cause of the cancellation, and depressingly allegations and recriminations aimed at Walsall Council and indeed at the volunteers from Walsall CAMRA who give up their time for nothing to do this. At this time I don’t know for sure where the problem originated, but it seems the venue didn’t have the correct licence:

From Walsall CAMRA’s facebook page.

Whatver the problem, I’d like to thank Walsall CAMRA for their hard work, and the pubs mentioned for taking on the beer, because wasting it would be a disaster…

Festival 1: AMRTM Beer and Buses

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Beer festival 1, and this was one for me clearly. Aston Manor Road Transport Museum and the local Rotary Club collaborated with a small festival at the museum, so after a meet-up in The Fountain we got a ride on a Routemaster to the museum. It’s a very small festival, and the venue a bit odd (and cold) for drinking, but the quirkiness pushed it’s scores a little. Great beer form local breweries.

Scores as follows:

Beers advertised 9
Beers available 9
Ciders advertised 4
Ciders Available 4
Venue 60
JC Bonus 0
Friends Present 0

So a score of 86.

I believe this was a trial for a potential larger, summer event- lets hope so.


Saturday, February 18th, 2017

This year’s drinking challenge is to be 10 beer festivals. We did consider making it CAMRA festivals only, but given our continual logistical problems, and that basically, it’s just an excuse for some good company and a piss-up, we’ve made it easy: anything advertised as a beer festival qualifies, and three members have to be present. No transport rules this time, but no-one will be in any hurry to drive…

Scoring is going to be a bit odd, I think. The best we could agree on is:

1 point per beer advertised, and one more for each available.
1 point per cider advertised, and one more for each available.
10 point bonus if we get JC to attend.
1 point extra for any bonus people outside of the core membership who attend.
100 possible points for the venue, divided between the core membership- so if 4 attend, each can allocate up to 25 points.

I personally think will produce some totally skewed results, but can’t suggest anything better :-).