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Don’t worry. It’s clean: I licked it.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Cat Face, He’s got a big cat face.

You are very funny. You talk, but all I hear is silliness.

Think of the Childreeeeeeen

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Slashdot is reporting that some UK schools have removed their wireless networks due to ‘health concerns’. Kind of reminds me of these retards. We are all surrounded by electromagnetic radiation all of the time. The monitor I’m sat in front of, TV transmitters, the Sun……


Sunday, November 13th, 2005

What Is Your Animal Personality?

Yay! Badger

Tinfoil Hats ‘not effective’

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Dammit. Tinfoil hats don’t work.

Now the spies will get me.

Someone should mention this to a few people.

Take it to another level

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

I’m not usually one for spam, but this one did give me a laugh. It was a HTML mail, with the subject ‘Re: Glass Dildos – Take it to Another Level!” but as I refuse to view mail in HTML, I got the usual gibberish text part that tries to bugger up spam filters, and the following gif attachment.

They\\\'re Glass, and they are dildos

How funny is that?

I’ve removed the click-through (and the wording for it), but otherwise that is genuine, and exactly as received.

Who buys them? If I was the ‘Computer Gay‘, would I buy them?

I particularly like that they are ‘hand blown’.

Undead Dogs

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Continuing the dog theme, maybe my next bit of animal “cruelty” should be on one of the Zombie Dogs. It sounds like a bad movie, but it isn’t.

Dog Umbrella

Monday, March 7th, 2005

I was almost speechless. Kleeneeze, purveyors of franchised uber-tat sold door-to-door by people who seem to believe that selling uber-tat will make them rich and famous* have exceeded even their own standards for stupid bloody products with a Dog Umbrella. Yes, a Dog Umbrella.

As Kleeneeze don’t seem to have an organised website, just lots of franchisees looking to make a quick buck, I can’t provide you with a direct link to their catalog (shame), so here’s an even better one: A US site that sells matching Dog Umbrella and Person Umbrella, just in case you didn’t look enough of a div with just the dog one…..Maybe kleeneeze can spot that hole in the UK market? £££££££££!

*Though given the state of mind of much of the British public, maybe they stand a chance…..

Magical Trevor 2

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

Oh god. I was just testing the link (below) to B3ta, and now I’ve found Magical Trevor 2. This is worse than the bloody badgers.


Thursday, January 6th, 2005

LeeW sent me an interesting link. You would have to be a right knob to buy this knob, surely. I fail to see how given all the other variables the micro-vibrations on your volume control potentiometer can make any discernible difference. Still there you go.

Beside knobs, it’s been the jolly old drag back to work. Discovering why it’s not a good idea to use desktop-class IDE disks in ‘servers’ (click….click….click- we were desperate), happily tailgating* up and down the M5, and increasing my caffeine intake back up. I’ve just happily discovered that what I thought was a batch of dodgy CDRs was in fact a dodgy burner by the looks of things (after ordering new CDRs, so now a new DVD-Burner is on it’s way. Aaaar me hearties. Movie piracy here we come. Where did I leave that copy of decss?

So far I’ve resisted the tempation to surf the web in bed on the Zaurus, as that seems a step too far even for me. (Yeah baby, do you want to see my bash shell?)

*this is a joke. I think.


Thursday, November 25th, 2004

There’s lots of people who do crazy things with electricity out there on the web, but I’ve never seen anyone deliberately connect themselves to the mains (admittedly with a current-limiting device inline) before. Well now I have.

“Once again, I must stress that you build this unit entirely at your own risk and must take extreme care when doing so. Failure to observe proper construction and use of a unit like this could result in death.”

No shit sherlock!. It’s rather akin to dousing yourself in petrol and smoking, at work in a firework factory. Cool. But I won’t be doing it.