Patronising shite

Is it patronising shit day or something?

So far tonight we’ve endured a very long load of patronising shite about lowering our CO2 emissions by unplugging our mobile phone chargers (etc) (while large companies and shops carry on pumping heat into the atmosphere regardless), patronising shite about not letting your kids drink bleach, and patronising shite about all the dangers posed by the festive period. All within about an hour. Fuck Off. In the nicest possible way.

Whatever happened to natural selection? This is why we have a nation of idiots.

Evil overlord 16: The removal of crap like this so the stupid can kill themselves and their offspring.

2 Responses to “Patronising shite”

  1. MarkyB Says:

    You are so sceptical.
    You MUST turn off your mobile charger while Mr Chav down the road illminates his house so that it can act a a beacon for an invading army of aliens lost in space due to sat nav failure and needing to find Brownhills in a hurry.
    Somehow, there seems to be an imbalance!

  2. stymaster Says:

    Thing is, Mr Chav isn’t the worst offender. On Saturday, shopping, I kept having to remove my coat in sweltering shops with open doors, burning energy heating the atmosphere.