Salesmen, again

As you may have noticed, I don’t have high regard of salesscum, or indeed of shops, so it was only the badly-timed breakage of my old Sony digital camera that made me visit a electronics shop while on holiday. I’d seen a nice-looking tiny compact camera there, and as I’m not a serious photographer, unlike Stu, it was waaay in excess of what I need.

Anyway, I listened to a bit of sales bullshit, while the chap tried to sell me something better at twice the price.

“No, I’ll have the cheaper one”

He then carried on. Despite me waving a credit card in front of him, and being prepared to pay what he asked (85 Euro). He offered to reduce the price of the expensive camera, so I asked him to reduce the price of cheap one. He couldn’t. He instead showed me a 3 year-old Jessops catalogue to show how much the equivalent (!) would be in the UK (as much as £300, allegedly).

We walked out. He followed, for a few yards. Well done mate, talked yourself out of an easy sale.

And the price here in the UK, from Jessops, without the risks of buying from a dodgy bloke in Tenerife? £89. :-/

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