Up The Cut

Today, thanks my sister-in-law and husband, we’ve had a nice trip up the canal from here to here and back (with a lunch stop here) on a hired narrowboat. Very pleasant it was too.

I like canals, and I’ve walked a good fe miles along them, but have only been on a canal boat once before, over 30 years ago, and I’ve never piloted one before. It’s quite tricky at first, but you get a feel for it after a while. It still needs concentration though, despite the low speed. We managed relatively few collisions though :-).

It’s a relaxing way to travel, with only the dubious boating skills getting in the way, but don’t plan to go far, we did around 10 miles all day. Photos here.

5 Responses to “Up The Cut”

  1. The Boat Inn - PubBlog Says:

    […] called in here on a day’s boat trip. What a very pleasant pub. Real ale, very friendly staff, and very fine pub food at a decent price. […]

  2. Sian-e-bush Says:

    Super curry food and baby ducks.Captin Chris.Quack Quack.:-)

  3. stymaster Says:

    The food really was rather nice. have you looked at the phots yet? Sadly no pics of the ducks.

  4. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    I’ve been on my mate JC’s boat several times – and suffered mainly hangovers! It is an excellent method of travel and a good holiday if you have the money!

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