Positive Destruction

Tonight’s Express and Star has a front-page story detailing that the Mellish Rd Methodist Church is now almost certain to be demolished as English Heritage have now removed their objection to the grade 2 listed building being demolished.

Apparently, this is, according to council leader Mike Bird:

Positive news for Walsall because that site has been an eyesore for a long time now

That the site has been an eyesore cannot be denied. What also cannot be denied is that the building has deliberately been allowed to deteriorate, though the mysterious fire was of course, the action of mindless vandals. Just like it was with Shannon’s Mill. I know I’m repeating myself here, but why is it that Walsall MBC never seem to use their powers to prevent the decay of buildings, instead preferring to ignore the problem to the point where is all becomes moot and the

Walsall Businessmen

that own the property get to avoid that troublesome listing stuff, and throw up whatever they want instead?

One can’t help but wonder if the same will happen to the Jabez Cliff works once it sells?

This is in a conservation area (PDF, 462k), and is locally listed (PDF, 180k), but Adrian Andrew is already preparing the ground for a mysterious fire followed by demolition. In tonight E&S, he’s quoted as saying:

That is a prime development site sitting at the gateway to the town so we want something of high quality there whether it is a refurbishment or a new building.

If it is a new building it would have to be an iconic building. It is a fantastic opportunity for someone to come in and do something special in Walsall.

Whilst waffling on about the saviour of Walsall, the 10base2 Gigaport. Apparently, fibre optic cables have been laid underground. All hail the future. I first installed fibre in about 1992, and even then, didn’t claim to be able to regenerate a town with it.

Apparently, the Gigaport area

represents the future of Walsall

Well, I’m sure we’re all safe in their hands. After all, it’s not like they ever screw up, is it?

7 Responses to “Positive Destruction”

  1. Lee H-W Says:

    not the first time councils do these things

    In the late 60s Gloucester moved the hospital to a NEW site, and then let the old listed building fall apart, then in mid 80s, the building was declared unsafe and “had” to be demolished, then the council made a shed load selling the land to bank of england who occupied it for 10 years
    now, the the MOJ and TAX office occupy it, so ultimately tax payers money funded the local council to let a list ex hospital building fall down
    (but as the MOJ and TAX office, while both civil service , are not related, the building has been hard divided meaning some floor dont have toilets for the tax office….

    in the early 80s the council compulsory purchased a block of town center houses and demolished them, part of a development program, which never happened, 25 years later the site is just a waste land car park

    in the early 90s, the council compulsory purchased a row of shops and demolished them, on a further attempt at a development which required the houses above, one of the shops went on to go bankrupt as it could not sustain the rent in the new premises, that site was watse land until 8 years ago when it became a tarmac carpark, after the exitsing carpark was built on in a “docklands” development, which no one wanted…

    councilors must have their brains remove at the polling count, if not sooner

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  3. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    It makes you wonder if there isn’t corruption afoot here?

  4. stymaster Says:

    It would be scurrilous to suggest such a thing, my friend, how very dare you.

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