Well, it took a while, but finally I delivered on my promise over at BrownhillsBob’s blog. Bob had asked for images of Chasewater, and as it was a place I visited a lot as a kid, i thought it was almost certain there’d be images somewhere at my Mom’s. An epic trawl through slides returned nothing, but eventually some footage turned up on Super 8 taken by my Dad in the early 1970s, which I’ve subsequently had converted to DVD, ripped, and edited. The film is unsurprisingly focused upon a very young me, family, and friends, but there’s a few wide shots of the area. Judging by ages, this would be around 1973 or 1974:

5 Responses to “Chasewater”

  1. Graham Cornfield Says:

    That’s a bit of magic there. I remember visiting Chasewater as a kid, and that old concrete dish took me right back!

    We will have little of this kind of nostalgia in the future because you’d get arrested for filming it these days!

    Well done you!

  2. Fez Says:

    If my memory is correct there was also a larger pool with rowing boats, an amusment hall and a strange concrete sculpture used by kids to climb over. I always enjoyed my trips to Chasewater. Thanks for the clip !!

  3. stymaster Says:

    I can’t remember those, but do you remember the miniature railway?

  4. BrownhillsBob Says:

    The boating pool still exists – it’s the once currently inhabited by the geese with the island. ISTR you could hire rowing boats or canoes to paddle on it. The wierd sculpture – I think that’s probably the one on the main island now.

    I remember the amusement arcade with some kind of bingo thing going on, and a small cafe that sold chips and the like.

    Best wishes


  5. Staffordshire Webmaster Says:

    The amusement arcade stood on the same site as the current building (Rangers/Visitors center??) on the south shore. I recall that ice creams were sold in a little kiosk facing the road.

    I can also remember fishing off the end of the pier as a youngster. In the long summer hols we would use the structure under the pier for swimming from. Also the strange structure stood in about the same position as the park does now and resembled a sculpture but I think was a climbing frame from the sixties.

    Some years ago I can remember a friend at the time landing the largest pike I had ever seen caught from the pool. It was dispatched to the LCP (don’t ask me why???) where it was duly weighed on their industrial scales and recorded at a very impressive 29lb.