A can of Hammerite, please…

Well, it seems other people that like the public artwork around Walsall Wood (or at least some of it) agree with at least one part of my post on the matter of it’s asthetic value: It could do with a coat of paint:

Letter in the Walsall Advertiser, August 2011. Click for a larger version.

For what it’s worth, I reckon that the rusting is deliberate. Not so sure about the asssorted bolts, poor fabrication and anti-climb paint. I’ll still tip my hat in the direction of Brian.

3 Responses to “A can of Hammerite, please…”

  1. Fez Says:

    Hmmn…maybe they were waiting for the graffiti vandals to paint it for nothing.

  2. stymaster Says:

    Did you see any of the lovely artwork while you were here?

  3. Fez Says:

    Yes, but not close up. We took Jake to play in the playground at the bottom of your street. The vandals had already got to that !