When the hell did it become December?

I’ve not blogged for ages: things have been mad at work, we’ve been on holiday twice, one being such a distant memory that I won’t blog it. Now, it will soon be Christmas- where the hell has the year gone?

Mind, one great thing about being out of the country on the run-up to Christmas is that the continual assault of commercialism is greatly reduced: what is it about the UK?

We’ve been back and forth to the vets with Meowth, who now at 15 is showing her age too, and between work, that, and the usual general household errands, I don’t know where time has gone: there’s a Gertboard kit sat on the dining room table, exactly where it has been for nearly two months now, my bike remains unserviced (the Lupo got serviced by Midland VW as I couldn’t summon the time and enthusiasm), and the Raspberry Pi hasn’t even been powered on for ages…

One Response to “Catchup”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Yes the years has certainly disappeared fast but it has been a busy year. Hope fully, we can catch up with a beer over the festive period?