I’ve entirely missed one holiday out of the blog, and it’s a distant memory now: a swift week in Ibiza in October- no visits to Pascha, just a bit of R&R and sunshine. Pictures are in the gallery.

Closer to hand was our trip to Mexico, not far from Tulum. We were in the very nice Catalonia Royal Tulum– a resort hotel that was thankfully not like some of the nearby hotels, which resembled small towns, and obviously intended to be completely self contained and never left for the duration of your stay. It was, however, nicely luxurious and comfortable.

Getting there was an over 10-hour flight, from Manchester, and the flight was early, so we booked an overnight stay for the Friday night- I can thoroughly reccomend the Marriott Manchester Airport for location, cost, and car park, especially for the fact that your car stays where you park it, and you keep the car key.

Anyway, one long flight and a coach transfer later, we found ourselves at the hotel. We were welcomed on our walk to the room by Coatis:

Ok, I’d kind of prefer hotel cats, but they’re amazingly cute. There was other wildlife too- birds (including hummingbirds), strangely patterned squirrels, and agouti.

We went and saw Mayan ruins at Tulum (travelling by collectivo, which made a nice contrast to the tour coaches), and also at Coba and Chichen Itza. All are different and amazing: At Coba you can climb the ancient pyramid, should you be brave enough (we weren’t, given my famed agility). Tulum has incredible coastal views, and Chichen Itza’s scale is frankly bewildering. The Coba tour included a trip to a Mayan village: the occupants were moving from their traditional wooden huts to concrete houses as it was “winter” and it might drop below 20 degrees C….

Pictures in the Gallery.

Other than that, pool, sunshine, drink, food, and relaxation 🙂

The one fly in the ointment? Word from the wise: do not ever get your departure day wrong at a popular package tour destination, and if you do, don’t expect your rep to notice, or to inform you otherwise. Our return journey was both far too long (via Gatwick), and expensive :-/.

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