Troweling it on

After we heard about the 70k Mayoral car, you’d really think that any further news on the subject would be carefully considered.

It would seem not. From an Express and Star story, a quote from Mike Bird, showing great talent for PR again:

If you are a bricklayer you have a trowel, a painter needs a paintbrush and a mayor needs a car.

If we let the terrible analogy pass (or not: surely a Mayor needs a pointy hat and gold chain, following the series, because we’re looking at tools to do the job, not a means of getting there?), then we can go and make a comparison.

My friend is a brickie. A damned good one. I asked him how much a top-notch bricklayer’s trowel, the kind of thing you’d use as a pro, costs.

It’s about £40, for a Marshalltown, in case you want one. I don’t know any painters, so I can’t ask about paintbrushes.

You can buy over 1700 top-notch brick trowels for the price of the Jag….

One Response to “Troweling it on”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Or PC’s/laptops/tablets in our case/ I can buy 140 of them for them for a school for that price.