Let’s Rock

Or not.

I’m back trying to find something listenable in the car. It’s not been long enough for a repeat of HHGTTG, and I’d settled on Planet Rock: music I liked, and less obnoxious DJs than mormal.
Bauer Media have gone and spoiled it all, by giving the FM frequency to Absolute Radio, with its focus on 90s, slightly rockish pop (so that means fucking Oasis and U2 when they got shit, for a start, FFS). What a shitfest.

I could spend a hundred or so quid on a DAB radio, another hundred and fifty on the bits to fit it (new fascia panel, fixings, antenna, CANBus harness, ISO cable), and take lots of trim out and have DAB, to enjoy Planet Rock in a 80Kbit/sec mono stream, of course, but why in the name of $deity would I do that? My car also lacks bluetooth, aux-in, or a CD autochanger, and the other choices are as grim as ever, so remembering 2 CDs a day it is, or the sound of tyres/wind/diesel engine.

4 Responses to “Let’s Rock”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    It’s a pain using old CD technology for this – I have the same problem but I haven’t made a CD compilation etc since 4 years ago and I’m getting bored with the selection to hand.

    This is where some USB technology would save the day!

  2. Sink Says:

    You could always crack open your bulging wallet & buy a new car with a DAB fitted & maybe a DVD player you could get loadsa tunes on every DVD ;-D
    On another tack I was listening to a radio station the other day called Jack FM & they have no djs at all & one of their tag lines was ‘hey kids do your homework or your parents will make you listen to Heart FM’ shame its only in Oxon & Berks.

  3. stymaster Says:

    That sounds OK. As to a new car? Not yet. The old one is going well still, and I don’t want to spend 10K I don’t need to…

  4. Species5618 Says:

    mine has a cassette deck …..
    which does mean I can use a naff cassette deck adaptor and hammer my 20G 4G allowance !
    that said I don’t drive that often, and if on business I get a rent a wreck, the last two had full Bluetooth !

    my son on the other hand resulted to a budget (£60) head unit with aux in , USB but no CD player or bluetooth, (in a 15 year old Ka it probably double the value of the car)

    mind you being a typical teenager took him 6 month to realise he could create folder / albums on the USB stick !