Taphouse 10: The Old Bulls Head

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Taphouse 10, again with a brewery actually onsite- Black Country Ales.

[Photo to follow as mine is terrible]

BCA have made quite an impact around here, with their beer and pubs being held in high regard.

A lovely pub with great food, staff, and beer. Less of a trek than some, with a 2/3 bus journey, not too bad for darkest Black Country. Welcoming, warm, relaxing and a great spot for the end of our tap house tour on a cold day.

Ambience 10
Beer choice/quality 8.5
Architecture 8.67
Cobs/Pies/Snacks 10
Toilets 9.67

Which means an overall score of 9.37, making it the runner-up, behind The Duke William, sadly the hardest to get to….

2 Responses to “Taphouse 10: The Old Bulls Head”

  1. Willenhall_Lad Says:

    Yes one of my favourites and a great treat to get there even though we had to drag you by some green fields – didn’t expect that in the Black Country. Well done for putting up with a brief history of my family as well as we were all from there!

  2. stymaster Says:

    Found out later my Mom was born about 1/2 mile up the road.