Taphouse Tour: Summary

The Taphouse Tour is over, and here’s a summary:

Name Score
The Duke William 9.75
The Old Bulls Head 9.37
Green Duck Brewery Badelynge Bar 8.75
Beacon Hotel 8.66
The Fountain 8.44
Hail to the Ale 8
The Sow and Pigs 7.525
The Park Inn 6.98
The Windsor Castle 6.8
The Gunmakers Arms 6.542

A less hectic pace than 100 pubs, but still presented it’s challenges. We made this mistake of visiting the logistically easy ones first, leaving us with complex trips to the darkest Black Country.

2 Responses to “Taphouse Tour: Summary”

  1. Willenhall_Lad Says:

    I think The Duke William was my favourite and worth the effort of getting there.Those that scored an 8 or above would have scored a 5 on last years system and worth visiting anyway.

  2. stymaster Says:

    I actually don’t think there was a single duffer in the list. Least favourite of mine was The Windsor Castle; it was a but too feedbag for me. Best was without a doubt The Duke William, so I’m pleased that one won the voting.