It’s a Different Kind of Party Altogether

Last weekend went far too quickly, aided by the rather excellent choice of birthday party by Mr Sublimeproduct (who blogs even less than me these days, but is now old, like the rest of us, even if he doesn’t look it, the bastard). The day involved meeting at the Light House in Wolverhampton, a private screening of a superb film:

Followed by what was supposed to be a pub crawl, but just turned into getting hammerred at a truly great pub.

I don’t usually like parties, but this is the way to do it. I’d intended getting home mid-evening, crawled in by 11pm…

4 Responses to “It’s a Different Kind of Party Altogether”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Same here. I was fairly wobbly into most of the next day. But then, that’s Bathams for you.

  2. stymaster Says:

    I was fine the next day, despite being being 2-3 pints in front of you. My hangover appeared at 3am.

  3. species5618 Says:

    nothing wrong with “getting hammerred at a truly great pub. ”
    provided you get home with no broken bones !

  4. stymaster Says:

    This time, yes 🙂