Bell Ends

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So then, Andy wonders why i have no faith in the political system.

As part of refurbishments, Big Ben in the Queen Elizabeth Tower at the Houses of Parliament is to be silent for a while, and some of our wonderful representatives are crying, holding vigils and demanding that it doesn’t happen.

Politicians. Once more trying to change things with words because they don’t have the ability or talent to do anything else. Do they really think that the bell would be silenced if there was a viable alternative, given that we have to accept it’s huge symbolism?

We’re in the middle of one of the biggest shitfests changes since WW2. We have crises in care and welfare. We have the most inept Prime Minister for many years, and we have people still homeless from the stunningly mismanaged Grenfall Tower.

Our Prime Minister grasps hold of the really important issue, of course.

Are our representatives in the Commons really so inept or ignorant that this is what they consider a valuable use of the time we pay them for? It’s clearly evident that they know fuck-all squared about health and safety law, engineering, historic building restoration, or horology, but they’ll just make demands like a bunch of toddlers anyway. It just goes to show how impractical and out-of-touch they are.

*shakes head, wanders off*

7 Responses to “Bell Ends”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    The problem with politics is that it democracy encompasses everybody of whatever background and educational standard, so you get what we get. If we are lucky, we get some “do-ers” who progress things along a little bit but mainly, we get inept people these days and leaders in this country haven’t been any good since Churchill packed it in, and in reality, probably since Attlees time in the late 40’s. We’ve had a succession of useless people rather than any clear talent.

    In years long ago, there were a few people who knew what they were doing and had the muscle to keep the idiots in line. The advent of modern, social media driven society we have now means that everybody gets a chip in and it’s become more of a Tower of Babel. Politicians are acutely sensitive to this and tread a thinner line as if they step out of line, the media and people trample all over them and demonize any view they may hold. After all, parliament is really a form of advocacy taken form the Law courts. You argue your case as well as you can and try and persuade others you are right.

    In reality, it takes an exceptionally thick skinned person to be a politician these days as you can never be right.
    Media like the BBC will always find a counter argument – it’s a game they play very well.

    And if they fail, people like us have the means to pressure them in the Internet age don’t we. But we never take the step to have a go ourselves and most people are content to snipe from the sidelines, myself included. But this is all part of the game.

  2. BrownhillsBob Says:

    Too many people disagreeing. Not enough people thinking what you think. It’s awful getting old.

    We have had some excellent politicians since the war. That you don’t appreciate them is more illustrative than any of your other points of choice.

    Ding dong, as Terry Thomas might have said.


  3. stymaster Says:

    Andy, don’t you think we should all get a chip in? At least, until I’m declared supreme leader?

    The “game” is half the problem, and sadly, the BBC don’t provide a counter argument enough.

    Do you /really/ believe we have any real influence? Really? The whole system is broken, corrupt, and ineffective. Write to your MP, and you’ll get either (a) nothing, or (b) nothing written on HoC headed paper you paid for.

    If you want a doer in politics, how about Aneurin Bevan?

    I’ll even, grudgingly give Thatcher a little credit for being a doer. She got things done. All the fucking wrong things, but she did do them.

  4. Willenhall Lad Says:

    @Brownhills Bob: name some.

    @Stymaster: Of course we should all chip in but if you think I’m going to let you get away with being Cromwell Mk 2 think again. Anyway, we’d only have to ransom your cats and you’d surrender. Easy.

    As to Bevan he had a strong political base and much influence but the seeds of the NHS were actually to be found in Churchill’s wartime administration and the Beveridge Report . Even though we were fighting the Nazis, there was the foresight to see what was required post war – if we won. All this required the statesmanship of Churchill to get Bevan (along with Attlee) in the War Cabinet to get the labour onside so we could produce the weapons to prosecute the war. Remember, this was a fight to the death given what had happened across Europe. We were the last nation standing apart from the neutrals and the USSR.

    But since then, and I may need my memory jogged, I can’t think of anyone in this class. Thatcher I can never forgive her for the policies she progressed and the bad way this country has turned out as a result and she made some very short sighted decisions, i.e. the navy and the Falklands.

    The problem with us is that we see any system from a sysadmin’s point of view – and it’s something that doesn’t patch very well. Maybe we need Democracy v3.0? Something I paid £500 to promote back in 2010.

  5. BrownhillsBob Says:

    There’s not really much point in entertaining the revisionist fellation of Churchills ghost, after all he was a disaster in peace time politics.

    Bevan, Jenny Lee, Barbara Castle, MacMillan, Thatcher, Heseltine, Boothroyd, Rooker, Short, Ashdown.

    Just a few ‘doers’ – which you’ll bleat were sitting on the shoulders of someone else.

    Loads more to add to that, but there’s little point in the face of wilful whataboutery.


  6. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Re Churchill “disaster in peace time politics” – so the introduction of the Old Age pension wouldn’t count then? I would have thought that would have reverberated to your liberal elitist pathos.

  7. BrownhillsBob Says:

    Libertarian bingo – full house.

    Um. Lloyd George might contest that one.

    The sweet smell of success,_1945

    Toodle pip