New Year

So, I missed a Christmas 2017 post, and the blog reaches its 14th birthday, and I look back on another year. Just where the actual fuck does it go? Not all of it is a blur of beer and curry, but thankfully some has been. Christmas passed for us in a fairly typical way: beer and curry on Christmas eve, dinner with family on the day itself, and a quiet evening at home.

So, what happened in 2017? We went away quite a bit, but unusually didn’t leave the UK, but we visited places we hadn’t been for many years, and did the B&B-hopping thing we’d fancied.

Sadly, our beer festival idea went a bit wrong; logistically being fixed to dates and places doesn’t seem to work well for us and our co-conspirators.

At this point, I’d really like to be more positive about this year, but I think I’ll struggle. I’ll briefly mention Brexit- whatever your opinion on whether it should happen or not, I’m pretty certain that no-one could say it is being implemented competently. We still have a spectacularly inept prime minister, too- politics remains a fuck-up, increasing in impact all the time.

About the only positive thing to think of is family and friends: let’s at least be thankful for those, while the world falls apart around us :-), may 2018 be a good year for you all.

One Response to “New Year”

  1. species5618 Says:

    I am operating on the basis 2017 did not happen
    lost father in law and two close friends each lost last parent , which made 5 funerals in 20 months

    2018 has to be better, PLEASE !