A minor intertubes annoyance of mine.

I use Google Maps quite a bit. Not massively for sat-nav, as I’m a terrible luddite for navigation, and don’t have a suitable car holder, but for finding pubs, bars, restaurants, stations, shops etc if walking. I’ll use the reviews as a guide, and I contribute back to it as well: I’ll edit places I know are wrong, I’ve added photos of opening times that Google can scan and publish automagically.

Overall, it’s pretty cool. Yes, you’re dealing with a big evil tech firm, and they’re getting a lot of data for free, but it’s useful for me, and the contributions may be useful (they’d be even better if it would let me add The Jigger’s Whistle, but meh).

One thing, though, is troubling me. Nagging away at me like an untraceable rattle in the dashboard.

Questions. Questions asked by people too damn lazy and/or stupid to do even the most basic research on the computer they are in front of or holding in their hand. The maps app on my phone will occasionally prompt me about a place it knows I have been and say

Someone has a question about [place], can you help?

and like a twat, I’ll view the question, because it’s good to help.

Here’s a typical example, with a fairly succinct answer from another contributor.

FFS. Let me Google that for you.

Really? Not even a full sentence, and the answer should be pretty fucking easy with the fucking Internet in front of you, shouldn’t it?

Looks pretty easy to me. Fuckwits.

2 Responses to “LMGTFY”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Doesn’t the Internet expose the ignorance of the human race?

  2. species5618 Says:

    Every comunity, online or other wise is full of fuckwits

    pick a tech forum of choice,

    post “i am having a problem with xxxxxxx, i have tried the suggestion on page 45,67, and 104 of the cookbook, and it still does not work”

    1st reponse “have you checked the cookbook, its really good”

    i have had some budding ejit, too busy playing candy crush on a high end phone, stop me in the street and ask for the time..


    and my favourite,
    use a cash machine to be told it has no cash but yoiu can still get a mini statement, (like thats going to buy beer)
    walk away, telling the person queue behind you it has run out of cash
    40 seconds later hear a really loud “What the fuck, i need my money “