It’s been a pricey month. First of all the Lupo, is a disgusting example of how VW quality just isn’t what it was, had a failed alternator at a mere 18 years old. The it needed a service and MOT, all of which passed without difficulty.

The Scirocco, meanwhile, adds to the cost. A major service, a minor suspension link, and a radiator leak, a tweak of wheel alignment. The new tyres will have to wait a short while.

To be fair, both cars haven’t cost very much in repairs as of yet, and bearing in mind we’ve had the Lupo for some 13 years now, it still looks presentable, and drives well, there’s little to complain about. The Scirocco costs more, but racks up the miles (and again to be fair, there’s been very little outside serviceing and consumables in the 30,000 miles since I’ve had it). I also wonder if the radiator may have been weakened by me being a clumsy twat, though it showed no signs of a leak until very recently, and given the recent hot spell, it needed fixing.


The expense continues into August. Our boiler, installed in 2006, has failed. Repair is possible, but not insignificant, so a new one it is, and surviving like it’s 1930 with no hot water. Still, as someone pointed out to me, fascism and the right is on the rise, so it’s all just nostalgia, huh?

2 Responses to “Expense”

  1. Species5618 Says:

    cars : damm things
    they know when you are in a hurry, or not planning to spend any money, saving for holiday etc

    new battery on twingo (2nd run round car)
    came out of shop and it was just dead
    new wiper blade, seem VERY expensive due to French fittings
    and mirror after some twat hit it and drove off

    the Antara, (like an astra but with 4 wheel drive)
    Service light on, a lot earlier then it supposed to be, bitching about oil quality
    need new poly bush on front suspension, may be a garage job as its big boy’s toys needed
    park switch in wipers is sticky

    so in 18 months will have spent more on car fixing, than in 7 years I had the freelander


  2. stymaster Says:

    The oil quality sensor sits on the bottom of the sump, and on VAG cars it only comes in to play if you’re using variable service intervals, when it’s one of the factors in deciding service intervals.