I discovered that the French for catflap is “chatiere”. This I discovered from the instruction manual.

Our return home from a gentle pub crawl (only 3) in Walsall was greeted by QT, on the front doorstep. Now, QT isn’t that bright, but he usually manages the cat flap. Shortly afterwards, Kitty announced her inability to get in by banging repeatedly against the flap and had to be let in.

I had a look at it. It’s about 7 years old, and opening it up disproves the adage that cats are clean animals, so I carefully clean it, lube it, and put it back. QT exits, and it doesn’t register his chip. Looks like it’s fucked. A temporary mod of tape to allow access for anything, and off to Amazon for a new one. There’s a large array of chip-reading flaps, now, but I just bought the updated version of what we had, not feeling like any potential door modification.

So then; programming the cats into it. I knew the old flap was a bit tired- yellowed from UV outside, cracked from getting knocked, but I’d been putting it off because I have a long memory, and aversion to injuries, and don’t like stressing my children.

As it was, leaving the old flap in place, assembling this one inside, using a long extension cable, a bit of patience, and (critically) realising the reader works upside down, and the fact the cats are more settled and older now, meant this passed without any fighting, and just a little initial suspicion of the new device has passed, and the cats can roam without having their food nicked again.

2 Responses to “Chatiere”

  1. Species5618 Says:

    Took my cats 3-4 days to get used to the “CLICK”

    they would approach, it went click, they backed away

    Though more amusing was the neighbours cat, who took weeks to learn it did not open for them
    My cats had learned they could start a fight, run home, and then stare at the other cat, knowing they were safe…

  2. stymaster Says:

    We bought the original when Meowth was getting on, and a local cat kept nicking her food. For a while we had a Staywell infra-red one (with a little battery-powered collar “key”- it was shit, and the intruder just forced their way through. Meowth was quite small and timid, and it stressed her out.

    All the cats have had to adjust to the click, but the concept that QT had to get used to the new flap, identical to the old one bemused me. Furry twat.