Today represents fifteen years of me blogging. Like many things, I’m doing much less of it as I’m nearing 50 :-). Blogs seem to have become deeply unfashionable, but hell, I wasn’t fashionable in 2003. I’m sad to note that The YamYam seems to have stopped working, though not as sad as to remind myself that one of the best blogs (and a really nice guy I’m pleased to say I met a few times) is sadly gone; the local online community seems to be shrinking.

Looking back on this blog, what’s changed? I’ve got more left-leaning, politically, in direct contravention of the old saying, but if anything, politics itself has got less interesting and more frustrating, and seems pointless.

I *think* I try to be a bit less angry generally, although I still have the occasional rant. The one thing I’m deliberately steering clear of on that front so far is Brexit, purely because that does make me really rather angry and sad. I have a number of thoughts on that that may or may not ever reach the “Publish” button, simply because I’m tired and depressed of the whole thing.

I’ve become less vocal about Linux, Open Source, and the failings of Windows, but then Windows has got better (yes, it really has). I’m still *using* Linux, because it’s just easier and does what it is told, and runs well on an antique laptop. There’s been an increase on posts about fixing the Lupo as it ages and some of the bits like electric windows and sunroof need attention, but less car spannering, and more bike spannering, as a rule.

There’s certainly less of my output here now- what might have been a short blog post all those years ago now tends to be a tweet- which is a shame, as here, I control it and it has permanence that Twitter doesn’t provide, unless you look quite hard.

Anyway, I’m waffling. Happy New Year, and as Dave Turner said

Here’s to 2019 not being a total trash fire!

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