The post title is a play on the RDS station name (GrtHits) for Greatest Hits Radio, the latest brand of Bauer Radio to foist itself upon the West Midlands 105.2 FM frequency, and so force it’s way into the many thousands of cars that don’t have DAB radios.

Back in the early days of this blog, I was pretty happy when Kerrang! launched on that frequency, then whinged about one presenter, then disappointed when Absolute Radio got the frequency, after a brief spell as Planet Rock, before that too got pushed off to a ropey, low-bitrate, not-receiveable-in-the car DAB slot.

I’d just got used to Absolute, and could put up with turning it off if they played Oasis, and now they’ve moved my cheese** again.

It’s not *awful*. The music is 60s/70s/80s/90s pop. From the Bauer website :

[engage marketing bullshit filters]

We deliver the most popular music for 45-64 year olds, reflecting the life stage of our listeners and keeping them informed and up to date with the latest news and information where they live. We play the greatest hits from the 70’s and 80’s with a sprinkle of megahits from the 60s and 90s thrown in for good measure. Classic songs that stand the test of time and sound as good today as they did when you first heard them.

Well, I’m right in that age group, and the music is age-appropriate, but it’s just so bland. Lots of very middle-of-the-road pop, and an overall feel of a old-school local radio station of the 90s, with a breakfast DJ, Simon Ross, who calls himself “Rossie”. There’s something wrong about nicknames for the over-40s. In fact, the MOR pop was more bearable during testing, when we didn’t have to suffer the presenters.

Given that Radio 2 has replaced one tedious DJ with an actually more tedious DJ, looks like it’s back to the SD card full of MP3s.

**I’m not posting it again.

One Response to “BlndstHits”

  1. Species5618 Says:

    I currently nearly all of my driving , outside of to the shops, is on business, where it tend to be 100+ miles in random hire car, so the best I can hope for without spending ages fiddling with a strange head unit, is Spotify, as it allowed you to down load / cache tracks, it is not a huge hit on my data allowance.

    As a house hold we have a family premium account, which even gives us a spare one for alexa.

    Down side , some of the play lists the seem to be ok to start, end with utter crap.

    This is due to change , sadly, where I may have to go to Bristol (EE) once a week, due to some shiny location policy which say I need to be officially headquartered in a strategic building, not a rotting exchange 2.5 mile from my house 🙁

    so I may have to explore the dire state of public radio….