Hive Mind?

Odd how things synchronise at times: I was listening to Planet Rock today while working, and kept hearing adverts for the new service from Hive (aka British Gas):Hive Link. Checking in on Twatter, I found this fascinating tweet from a good friend who spends a lot of time doing clever shit with Arduino or Raspberry Pi:

Then I looked at the Hive site:

Screen grab from Hive website, 2019-04-02.

I did find the idea of the Hive thing interesting, having done something much simpler with a nasty cheap IP cam for a relative some years ago, and it also rang a bell with this article where someone called Jamie Grant did a similar thing with a Raspberry Pi back in 2012. It’s an interesting idea: you basically put a few sensors on electrical items (kettle & TV, for example), and have motion sensors, temperature sensors, and a contact sensor on the front door. All of these sensors get monitored, and Jamie’s system graphed them; Hive’s system does pattern learning, and plays spot-the-difference, letting nominated people know when the pattern doesn’t match expected.

Jamie did try to market his solution, but it didn’t seem to succeed. I wonder if he patented it, or if he got a job with Hive?

This actually seems pretty good; it’s a nice use of technology to unobtrusively keep an eye on a relative, it could be valuable, and from the site they’ve done a nice job with integration and making it friendly for normal people, but I’m going to have to make my usual comments about buying cloud-based services, and voice the usual concerns about what Hive might do with the data you have to give them

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