The end of the free internet?

I’d usually stay a million miles from Spiked Online, being as it is, according to Wikipedia, it was/is

founded in 2001 as a successor to Living Marxism and has been characterised as libertarian “with a moderate right wing bias”

and is generally according to me

A nasty, libertarian, right-wing biased shitrag

(I have little time for libertarian policies, as generally they seem to be adopted by people that hate taxes and rules, right up to the point where they stand to benefit, at which point they’ll gladly use public services, and libertarian right-wing is basically a way of saying “fuck you all, I’m alright”)

I was hugely surprised, therefore to find a very sensible article upon its virtual pages.

It’s been announced in the last few days by our ever-competent government that moves are afoot to start the move towards a British equivalent of the Great Firewall of China to make the UK

to be the safest place in the world to go online, and the best place to start and grow a digital business.

One of the measures available is quoted as

measures to block non-compliant services.

White paper here

So here we are: another step towards “only the sites we want you to see”. We already have the poorly-implemented porn block on its way, with age verification by Mindgeek; curiously enough the owner of some very popular porn sites, and now there’s more potential for what amounts to censorship.

This is a dangerous way to proceed, and somewhat at odds with the claimed aim of

A free, open and secure internet.


Freedom of expression online.

2 Responses to “The end of the free internet?”

  1. Species5618 Says:

    You are obviously not working hard enough, as you have the time to document you thoughts,

    but sadly we do seem to be approaching an Orwellian level of distortion and control over the internet. (and I do mean internet not just WWW, though many don’t get the difference)

    I understand some extreme content need to be controlled, I agree minors need some protection from some content, but it is not for a committee f people who do not understand (Politians) to decided what is allowed and what is not.

    a so called porn block, will not stop the kids accessing the stuff, they will just turn to TOR and caching material on their portable devices and usb sticks or even back on usenet (shudder)

    Then we have AWS LightSail and Digital ocean, it only want ONE switched on kid in a school / group of mates, charging a few kids £1 a month for a VPN ( don’t for get many schools have grey market tuck shops, grey market ISP wont be far behind)

    And lets not forget the media, BBC tech, has a tutorial on how to roll yo own VPN on a raspberry PI, (FOOT, GUN, AIM BANG springs to mind)

    And Finally, Media have a short memory, and with that Orwellian angle back again
    Lloyds bank, (or lloydstsb as they were) (who survives the 2008 financial mess almost unscathed ) were TOLD they had to intervene in Halifax issues, so brought them out (with Gov Backing). less then five years later the media had forgotten this, and with a broad brush described LLoyds as a failed bank which the gov had to bail out.

  2. stymaster Says:

    Heh. I dropped back into blogging while I was off.

    Yes, the kids will all be loading Tor or buying a VPN (and I suspect there will be a huge upsurge in free VPNs with a hidden price. It’s always been illegal for kid to buy porn mags, but that never seemed to interrupt supply in the 70s/80s.

    Is the grey-market tuck shop to evade a crisp/sweet ban?