No More Baby Wolf

About 14 years ago, we bought a rather nice VW Lupo 16v Sport- almost at the top of the range, exceeded by only the GTI, and we’d had it ever since. It featured here a fair bit, initially some proper spannering, but later just fixing the odd things that pack in on a car approaching its 20th birthday.

As can be seen from the photos in the linked posts, it’s bright fucking yellow, which made it hard to believe that someone didn’t see it, resulting in minor body damage but more significant suspension damage. Repair was uneconomic, and a bit too much of a chance to take, so another one bites the dust, and we’ve dipped into savings, so a more modern Seat Ibiza with a DSG box (as I struggle with a manual ‘box) and a turbo’d 1.2 is on the drive, just about fitting.

One Response to “No More Baby Wolf”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    My mate is still running his 1.4 Lupo! This rear-ending seems a common thing of late -I got done a few months back as the bloke wasn’t paying attention but such a low speed the bumper absorbed the impact.