End of Days

It’s that awkward time of year: kind of the end of summer, but wistfully hoping for a bit more: we still have a UK holiday to take, after the kids are back at school, but all of the bank holidays up until Christmas have gone, the night start to draw in.

On the upside, my place of employment closes frequently. That means that this weekend lasted 4 days.

Friday 23rd involved a few errands; dropping the new purchase off for a precautionary timing chain change, as it would seem that one of those times VAG got it wrong, like the Bosch coil packs or the Teves ABS ECUs would be the 1.2TSI timing chains, so to stop me panicking, it gets the latest variant of chain. While waiting, I and cut the hedge now the stripy stingy bastards have vacated the nest in it.

Saturday involved pubs in Wolverhampton, either just west of the city centre or right in the city.

Sunday was just knocking about the place: waving a vacuum in the general direction of the Ibiza, catching up with stuff, and meeting a mate for a beer.

Monday? A bike ride first thing, taking in Chasewater in the mist, then a walk around Walsall’s wonderful Arboretum. The Arboretum is one of the finest things in Walsall: a huge park, with kids play facilities and space.

The nights are drawing in: before we know it, it’ll be dark by 4pm 🙁

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