3G Hype

3G phones are the latest thing to get hyped up by the tech industry, and as per ususal with tech, the hype is nowhere near as good as the reality. We had a Vodafone 3G/GPRS datacard on trial at work. I’m usually a fan of Vodafone- I’ve had my personal mobile phone with them for a good while- but the phrase ‘not user-ready’ springs to mind.

I’ve managed to get a decent GPRS connection to the internet for ocaisional use from my own phone, and I also managed GPRS from this card, but that was too slow for practical use with the VPN link, and there is not a sniff of a 3G signal hereabouts, or at work, or in Wolverhampton, or indeed most of the time on the train to London, and with or without the bloatware connection manager, connections keep dropping and re-establishing.

I can cope with that: I’m an ex radio tech, and a Network Monkey these days. Shit happens. I know radio signals are variable. Problem is, the marketing tells the users it’s all easy, seamless and great, and they believe the hype.

3 Responses to “3G Hype”

  1. subpro Says:

    I had a play with a Vodaphone 3G PCMCIA card about 12 months ago in Oldbury and was vastly disappointed. I could get better results thru my bluetooth GPRS connection on my phone and by using the fookin thing once, it started a 12 month contract with Vodophone….

  2. Willenhall Lad Says:

    We’ve had one plugged into out Tablet at work and it seems to work fine! I don’t know what you’re all moaning at! Come on guys; if PK can get it working in Worcester, what are you doing 😉

  3. stymaster Says:

    Bloody hell. We’ve found something Willenhall boy can get working without complaining about. It must be broken.