Oh Fuck It

I’ll admit it. The Countrie Bumpkin has got to me. I had to order some stuff from Screwfix the other day (primarily disposable seat covers for the car, as the seats are an insanely pale grey, but I also bought a truckload of low energy bulbs with ES fittings, without having to suffer Ikea). I tried to change the ouside light one, I really did, but the securing screw has seized, so sorry, it will have to wait until I can face taking a drill to it.

This does mean most of the house now has low-energy bulbs. The loft still needs more lagging, but we do now have a more efficient boiler, and a timer that runs the central heating at different times for the weekend. I’m still keeping the TV on standby though, and guess what? All the world is still wasting more than me ;-). At least me and LeeW are sharing a machine (with others) for webhosting: I’m going to look at reducing power consumption here a bit further, if it’s practical.

2 Responses to “Oh Fuck It”

  1. species5618.net Says:

    I have much harder things to deal with
    every Fuckig light downstairs was switched on this morning

    might have to start a inhouse poster campaign to switch of the lights

    i am sure yoiu know the sort of thing they sprinkle around colleges etc

  2. stymaster Says:

    How about some form of treadmill for them to work their excess energy out on, connected to a generator? Does that count as abuse?