cheaper than water

Our driver into NYC said what we all knew already…Americans dont care about mpg or pollution, and will carry on driving large, innefficient cars as fuel is so cheap here.

5 Responses to “cheaper than water”

  1. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    Well, $3 a gallon seems to have shaken the American Car Manufacturers – Detroit seems to be having a hard time of it at the moment as they can’t sell the gas-guzzlers. Maybe they are starting to wake up?

  2. stymaster Says:

    not judging by tv adverts, or cars on the road. lots of v6 or v8 muscle.

  3. countree bumpkin Says:

    As a mate of mine, now living in the US said “no substitute for cubic capacity”.

    Environmentally unfriendly but great sound!

  4. stymaster Says:

    If he was a native it would have been “no substitute for cubic inches’. Say 454?

    True, there’s nothing like a V8. It’s just the sub-20mpg.

  5. stymaster Says:

    The wife noted that NYC cabs ‘shift’. So they bloody should: even with a slushbox and a heavy body, a minimum of 190BHP & 260 ft/lb with a loon at the contorls should move.