How many Australians…..

…does it take to change a light bulb?

Foux! There to eat lemons, Axe Gravy soup.

Ooops, wrong joke.

Australia is planning to outlaw the sale of incandescent light bulbs as a gesture towards cutting energy use. California is hoping too as well. They’re actually a pretty scandalous waste of energy, as in terms of light output against power input, they’re only about 5% efficient. Compact flourescents are everywhere and cheap now, even if they don’t fit everything, and for Halogen fittings there are LED alternatives. (Has anyone used one?)

2 Responses to “How many Australians…..”

  1. Hoipoloi Says:

    The LED alternatives need to come down in price a bit more before I try them. I have changed over to LEDs for all my torches though if that helps 🙂 (except for the biggy spotlight that is).
    I think there are only two ordinary bulbs in the house now, and those are ones that are used with a dimmer switch.
    I certainly wouldn’t complain if the UK was to do the same as our Ozzie friends.

  2. species5618 Says:

    LED bulbs, someone i know had a bad experiance with one of those