Radio Ga Ga

I’ve been meaning to post for a while about this. I don’t listen to the radio that much, but if I do, it’s in the car, on the way to work. This gives me a bit of a conumdrum to work through.

1. I hate Radio 4. It’s duller than a damp Tuesday in Bracknell if the pubs are shut.

2. The stymistress detests Kerrang’s breakfast show, and, come to that, all the depressingly chirpy, drivel spouting breakfast show presenters. She has a point here, but I’ll put up with them for the music.

3. Radio 1? Just fucking don’t, as they say. See (2) above, plus shit music.

4. Local radio: see (3) above, plus adverts.

5. Radio 2: ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz Terry Wogan. Dull, wittering, dull again, very variable music. From OKish to Duuuuuuullllll.

6. CD. This eems to be the option, but that means you have to remember one.

Then, the journey home.

1. Radio 4? Still Dull.

2. Kerrang. Dear God, does Emma Scott not come with a mute button? No, by the looks of things.

3. Radio 1? Just fucking don’t, as they say.

4. Local radio: see (3) above, plus adverts. OK, Maybe BRMB, just, at a push.

5. The Ginger Tossser? Not while I have ears and a brain.

6. Remember 2 CDs? Unlikely.

So that brings me to:

Evil Overlord 13: The arrest and trial of all Radio DJs apart from Mark and Lard. Any convicted of excessive chirpiness of vacuousness (as defined by me, of course) are to be imprisoned in a locked room with ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ on an endless loop until they see the error of the ir ways.

5 Responses to “Radio Ga Ga”

  1. Stymistress Says:

    I like Steve Wright in the afternoons… or am I just getting old?

    I’d be fine with Radio 4 that is the trouble with communting together!

  2. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    I listen to a lot of radio when I’m driving around the “manor” and I think you’re missing the point about Sir Terry as he’s on a similar sarcastic level as your good self but as he’s on the Radio, he can’t be quite a direct as you. It’s a bit like the Moon waxing and waning though as at the moment, with Eurovision coming up, he’s warming up to his best, but around his holiday’s, he’s not as good. I think you need a “Positive Mental Attitude” to listen to Radio 2 but it definitely makes me laugh, especially the nicknames of some of the e-mailers like “Emmanuel Transmission” and “Chuffer Dandridge” !!

    Maybe you should send some stuff in?

    Also, I thought you’d be more into Radio 4 as it’s all good Ranting and Raving with John Humphreys – gets me wound up for blogging!! LoL!

  3. stymaster Says:

    Here’s the thing, I like Radio 2, on average (after all, it’s aimed at my age group these days), but old Tezza witters on a bit long, and the music is too lame.

    I also like Steve Wright, despite him being slightly chirpy, but as he finishes at 5, we miss most of it and run the risk of hearing the ginger tosser.

    R4 with Jon Humphrys is sometimes OK, but it’s all a load of bollocks politics mostly.

  4. stymaster Says:

    Oh, and Andy, I fixed your HTML- your coding is weak. Is the link right?

    And, do you fancy coming over for food, beer, and that kicking I now owe you?

  5. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    After I’m back from Russia. Me and The Girlfriend were talking about exactly the same thing only last week so your ears must have been burning. It’s my birthday soon and my mate 5 Pints is 50 so expect some sort of invitation around early June.

    Another Sir Terry listener amused me the other day – Derek of Arundel – made me think of a bloke from Richard III….

    The link is correct but as I have to do this stuff at lunchtime, I’m in a bit of a rush so don’t always get the code right and who’d have thought that you need to keep HTML coding in your head back in 1997?