International Superstar

I like rats. I’ve liked rats for ages, even the Durex-Eared puppet rat, so any news involving them intereests me: I still have a press cutting from some years ago about ‘Ratty’ the rat, who had been trained to crawl through cable ducts dragging cable behind him, and now, we have the (environmentally freindly) Rat Powered PC (scroll down). Yay. Must buy rats.

2 Responses to “International Superstar”

  1. Hoipoloi Says:

    I used to have a rat. I called him Rat. Nothing else seemed suitable. Rat loved Custard Creams and would perform tricks in order to receive his favourite biscuit.

    I left him in the charge of my daughter while on holiday several years back but he died while I was away. I’ve never forgiven her for that.
    And like my Bonneville, I never got a picture of it before it went to a better place.
    Sad memories, but thanks for bringing them back anyway 🙁

  2. Hoipoloi Says:

    “…rodents can be used to power the average desktop for at least 30 minutes”

    30 minutes? Why 30 minutes? Do they expire after half an hour? Or is there a labour law stipulating maximum working times for rodents without a rest period?

    Me thinks they haven’t really calculated the required power to rat ratio and some desk bound hack at Computer Weekly has pulled that time frame out of their hat.