Old Energy

I’ve found myself getting wound up by Age Concern raising issues with fuel pricing and help for pensioners. Not because I think they are wrong, I hasten to add, but because they say that pensioners often can’t get the best tariff, and they are campaigning for a ‘Social Tariff’. This is what annoys me.

The ‘competition’ and ‘freedom of choice’ that means we all have the choice of either:

a) Paying too much, or
b) having to chop and change and deal with the salespeople.

Essential services like this should be publicly owned and everyone should get the best tariff. Energy should be supplied at a price that it costs, allowing for sufficient investment for the future of the suppply network.

3 Responses to “Old Energy”

  1. Stu Says:


  2. MarkyB Says:

    Right on brother Stymaster, long live the revolution and socialism for all (that can offord it):)

  3. stymaster Says:

    …and a cold winter to those that can’t afford it. I admit it. I’m a Guardian-reading bloody leftie, some of the time.