Festival 1: AMRTM Beer and Buses

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Beer festival 1, and this was one for me clearly. Aston Manor Road Transport Museum and the local Rotary Club collaborated with a small festival at the museum, so after a meet-up in The Fountain we got a ride on a Routemaster to the museum. It’s a very small festival, and the venue a bit odd (and cold) for drinking, but the quirkiness pushed it’s scores a little. Great beer form local breweries.

Scores as follows:

Beers advertised 9
Beers available 9
Ciders advertised 4
Ciders Available 4
Venue 60
JC Bonus 0
Friends Present 0

So a score of 86.

I believe this was a trial for a potential larger, summer event- lets hope so.