Edmunds Bar & Brewhouse

Birmingham City Centre:

We dropped in here on the way from Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum. Pleasant enough; limited cask but some good keg craft-ish beer, and as we were there before work-kicking-out time, only a few students present (all paying individually, with debit cards or Apple pay). The barman was in good humour despite this, beer and wine fine, not too bad a place to sit, but it rapidly gets busy post work and evening, with it’s location, though it was positively empty compared to the OCs.


Birmingham City Centre:

“Utopia the Country Bar in the City”

I wasn’t seeing what was “country bar” about this at all, and it was a bit questionable about “pub”, but it scraped in.

It was quite nice, to be honest. We dropped in here in desperation as we needed lunch and had mistimed our arrival in the city with everyone else’s lunchtime, and here had space. As it was, the staff were great, be beer OK, and the wine good, and our lunch was very good and surprisingly cheap for the “business district”, and while it wasn’t remotely country, it was comfortable enough.

The Fleece Bar & Kitchen


First impressions had this feeling odd: we walked past the side entrance (for the bar), and had to walk back through the restaurant, and then the bar felt a bit…vibrant.

A second visit was better (or was it just us in a better mood?). The bar feels like a traditional Scottish pub, and while there was no cask ale, there was decent craft keg. Staff were pleasant too.

The restaurant is seperated by a corridor, so the two functions don’t interfere, which is good for both. The food in the restaurant, by the way, was excellent.

In Ur Pubz, Drinkin Ur Beerz