The Palatine


We’d been here 9-10 years ago and liked it, so dropped in for another look. It’s changed, but it’s still a great pub: there’s a food bias, but it hasn’t taken over completely: even on a busy Friday, we were welcome. Beer and wine both good, staff very friendly. The inside is a bit stripped-floorboard gastropub, but it’s still got character, and the food turned out to be great later in the week- the Google description mentions pizza, but there’s other stuff too.

Revsit: The Gunmaker’s Arms

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This place has changed a bit, but not massively. It’s now the brewery tap for Two Towers.

Friendly welcome, great beer (for me, but others less impressed), good food, nice atmosphere, and so, so close to town, but eerily quiet, considering the inner ring road is yards away. Good beer choice now, if you like Two Towers offerings. Regular history talks and film shows. TV on, but muted, and nice place to drink.

Revisit: (Final Visit?) The Imperial

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A sad visit on our way back home; The Imperial closed later this evening, with J D Wetherspoon citing it as a commercial decision.

The Imperial has been there since 1997 or so, and I remember a bet with my other half that it would be there more than x years, (where x was either five or 10, we cannot recall). It lasted nearly 20 in the end, and despite it being just a ‘spoons, I will be sorry to see it go. handy for the bus station (especially as the toilets there are closed at night 🙂 ), and a little quieter than the nearby St Matthew’s Hall, it always seemed to be doing an OK trade to me. I just hope some new use can be found for the building.

The New Talbot

West Bromwich:

Just down the road from The Sow & Pigs, and right byb the bus stop, and on the way to the Metro, and we needed food. As Google refers to it as a Bar & Grill, we were expecting standard pub food, but actually found a decent pub, with a full-on Indian restaurant attached/incorporated. Fantastic, bargain-priced food, great staff and service (they missed one person’s food, so provided free beer as compensation) and decent beer too, and right by the bus stop.

The Sow and Pigs

Hill Top, West Bromwich:

A relatively recent re-opening of an old West Brom pub, by Two Crafty Brewers and Sadlers. Looking at the website I had reservations- it looked a bit Brewdog-style hipster, with industrial style fittings, and basins and urinal in the bogs made from cut-down beer kegs, (and pictures rather than signs on the doors, which upset Stymistress), but in the event, it was rather nice. Very friendly bar staff, pleasant locals, great beer, music at a sensible volume, and cobs (though our companions weren’t so keen as us on the cobs). A fine pub and well worth the 3 bus (but not long) trip.

Andy’s view here.

The Green House


Just up the road, this seemed a better idea for lunch. It reminded me of Birmingham’s Sun on the Hill, and in the same way had a slightly upmarket chainpub feel. Decent food, but my beer (sadly the only Bath Ales beer I got to try) was a bit sad. Food decent though, and not a bad place once you got over the Blade Runner effect of the TV screens advertising, with the back being airy, light, and spacious.

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