The Grand Victorian Hotel


A stunning building next to the railway station. It’s a hotel, but the bar is very much a pub. Both inside and out are stunning victoriana, and most of the fixtures and fittings are there too.

Beer was fine, and the food looked ok, but the surrounding area would be described as “vibrant”, but the pub itself was fine.

The Royal Oak


Local’s pub on a thoroughfare. This was on my way back to my hotel, and I dropped in for a swift pint. Friendly enough, and pleasant enough- a nice place for a quiet pint, but my West Midlands beer price index got upset by the £3.85 price for a pint- though that was unfair, as elsewhere in town, prices were higher.

The Soloman Cutler

Birmingham, Broad St:

Right over the road from the ICC and Symphony Hall, and near the Hyatt, this is in the middle of the Broad St “entertainment” piss up area. It’s a Lloyds No.1 (i.e: a ‘spoons), and I don’t know how I’ve missed including it before: if you’re working at or visiting the ICC it’s an expenses-friendly place for lunch, and a handy place for pre-show drinks or food for Symphony Hall at a good price. On this visit I was feeling below par, owing to side-effects of some (prescribed) drugs,so eschewed alcohol, but prior experience had shown the beer to be good, and the food was pretty decent, in that “know what you’re getting” way, and the wine seemed to gain approval. You could do worse on Broad St.