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The Pool Hayes

Short Heath:

Outside, a standard 1960s estate pub- apparently a fast-disappearing type of building. Inside, it’s a feedbag, but the other sort of feedbag: the pub with Indian food. The food smelt fantastic, to be fair. A little bit of the tall-seat-and-table standard pub furniture, but a friendly owner, decent beer, and the TV muted won it back some points. Not the atmosphere of The Whimsey, but a nice pub.

Andy’s log here.

The Jolly Coliier

Short Heath:

The start of Short Heath phase 1 of 100 pubs. This is Andy’s manor, and there’s sufficient for 2 visits.

I fist walked into the lounge- Andy was dropping the car at a relative’s nearby- and there was a private party, so I nipped round to the bar. The place looks to have been refurbed recently, and was quite smart and pleasant, and the locals were friendly. Sadly the Trooper ran out, but the HPA was good, and it was a nice place to start the evening.

Andy’s log here.

The Anchor Inn


This was a traditional pub, overlooking the bay, as per it’s Google Maps description. I suppose it still is, but it’s been hit with the Greene King pubco stick of Old English Inns.

By no means bad, but it’s got the middle-class-green, the over-polished lanterns outside, and the pubco-slick but trying to be pally food menu. As it was, the food was OK, but a little expensive and not exceptional, the beer not bad at all, and the staff were fine; it just lacked atmosphere a bit.