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The Greyhound and Punchbowl


I hadn’t been in here for years: If it were in a country village, it would be famed, a historically significant building that feels it inside, but the effect is ruined a little by the TVs (one showing sport, one Come Dine With Me, of all things). No ale, either, so we had a rapid half of Girl’s Stella and warmed ourselves by the lovely open fire, before heading for The Trumpet.

Revisit: The Old White Rose

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Our meeting place for the continuation of 100Pubs, I’d heard dark things of this previously notoriously good real ale pub/hotel from several people.

As it was, it wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t brilliant. The beer has been Greene Kinged, and I’m not keen on that- Andy likes GK IPA, when he hates IPA as a rule – so GK IPA was off for me, and I ended up with Benajmin’s Red Molasses Beer, which was at least interesting.

Staff were friendly, and the place looked cleaner and brighter, but it was *freezing* inside. No sign of food, which was there before, and the beer choice is very, very limited compared to before.