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Revisit: The Walsall Arms

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I’d heard good things about The Walsall Arms since it reopened, and finally got there, and the reputation is deserved- a lively atmosphere, nice looking beer garden, and the skittle alley is still there. A great welcome, nice locals, and top-notch beer too- about our only reservation was the slightly bland decor and we preferred the layout before it was opened up, but still a great pub, and deservedly popular.

Flan O’Briens (The Borough Arms)


This pub is a real landmark, a beautiful building- a lovely sight if you drive up Lower Rushall St: a proper terracotta-and-tile 19th century pub, and surprisingly, there’s some great stuff inside too; tiling and woodwork.

It’s been a loosely-Irish pub since the Irish pub boom of the nineties, but in more recent times, it’s gone a bit downhill in clientele- sadly there were some EDL types present (presumably a hang-over from the march in town that day). The Stella was serviceable, but no ale. Cheap, though, and the barmaid was very pleasant- but it just could be lovely; it could be a Woodman quite easily.

The Lamb Inn


The most interesting thing here was the tiled/painted alley off the street leading to it: the pub itself was pleasant, but a by-the-numbers modern, slightly upmarket food pub with la-di-dah pretensions. I’m not being very fair her: it was nice enough, comfortable, the beer was fine, and the staff pleasant, it’s just this type of place bores me a little. There’s a nice courtyard for if the weather’s good, too.

The Yare

Brundall, Norfolk Broads:

Our nearest pub for a few days. The Tripadvisor reviews seemed to be polarised between shit and brilliant, but I can’t for the life of me think why; it is neither.

What it is is a fairly average traditional pub, with decent beer (3 ales), and a fairly extensive if unremarkable (in that it’s exactly what you’d expect) pub-food menu. The food itself is pretty good- home-cooked pie, for instance, and the beer was fine, as were the staff and prices, so there’s plenty to like here, even if it’s not incredible, it’s certainly not shit by a very long chalk.

The Punch & Judy

Covent Garden, That London:

A tourist trap, this is a “18th century pub in Covent Garden Market“, apparently. I was working nearby with a colleague, and we needed lunch.

What it really is is a spoons-a-like pub with a terrace and a cellar bar. We went in the cellar bar, as the terrace bar was closed. It was a big gloomy, but OK. There’s an eating area at one end, with normal table, but they were all occupied so we had to make do with those ridiculous stools that seem to be fashionable at the moment.

There’s ale, but as we were working we had soft drinks with our meal, which was good, but, as you’d expect, pricey: our burgers were well over a tenner, and Fish & Chips will set you back the thick end of 15 quid. the food and staff were fine though, but it has to be said I’ve been in nicer surroundings, and used less stinky bogs, and paid a lot less for it.