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The Cottage Spring


Old backstreet pub we’d been meaning to visit for years. Traditional inside, except maybe for the telephone box built into the rear wall! Very clearly a pub with regulars, including a cute 3-legged pubdog.

Great beer, friendly staff, but perhaps less friendly neighbours: the far end of the beer garden was out of bounds, due to an enforcement order from Sandwell Council. The surrounding houses are very close, but the pub must pre-exist them by a century, and it didn’t seem like the kind of place to get rowdy.

The Myvod


A big (inter-war?, maybe post WW2) pub, in many ways similar to The Church Tavern. Another Sizzling pub, another without cask ale, another good bit of outside space. I’ve been past this pub hundreds of time in a car or on a bus, having worked in Wednesbury when I was just a lad, and we tend to drink in the town once in a while.

It really wasn’t bad. The locals were friendly, the staff really pleasant, the food was OK, prices not bad at all (the food, particularly), and the 13 bus stops outside.

The Queens Head


Close to all the delights of the border between Walsall and Wednesbury: M6 Junction 9, Ikea, a surplus of nice old houses that have become care homes.

That’s sounding quite negative. In actual fact, where the pub is situated is a surprisingly quiet resdential street that wraps around Brunswick Park, with a mix of old and new housing. We sat outside, next to the street, in the sun, and it was nice. I’d not been here before, and my better half hadn’t been here since college days over 20 years ago, when Sandwell College was just the other side of the A461. The pub itself is a traditional one, almost certainly Victorian given the name and the history of the park. It’s had a fairly typical makeover, but it hasn’t removed the character (and it looks fresh and tidy), and while food is a big part of the business, that hasn’t destroyed that this is a pub.

Very friendly staff, decent beer, good food.

The George Inn


I was travelling through Wednesbury from a delicate evening of culture the piss up with Andy, and was in dire need of a slash. Against local custom, I passed by shop doorways, and elected for the first pub I came to: The George Inn. It’s a 60s-looking building, and from the outside looked closed at first, but closer inspection showed that only one side of the considerable space was lit. It looks to be up for sale.

The barman was friendly, and my pint of Carling was cheap (but then it was Carling, so like making love in a boat), and he let me charge my phone for a few minutes. I’d suspect this pub was crowded at one time, but Wednesbury has fallen on hard(er) times: there were only 3 other customers at 9pm ish on a Saturday. By no means dreadful but no ale or decent lager, so I continued my journey quickly.