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The New Talbot

West Bromwich:

Just down the road from The Sow & Pigs, and right by the bus stop, and on the way to the Metro, and we needed food. As Google refers to it as a Bar & Grill, we were expecting standard pub food, but actually found a decent pub, with a full-on Indian restaurant attached/incorporated. Fantastic, bargain-priced food, great staff and service (they missed one person’s food, so provided free beer as compensation) and decent beer too.

The Sow and Pigs

Hill Top, West Bromwich:

A relatively recent re-opening of an old West Brom pub, by Two Crafty Brewers and Sadlers. Looking at the website I had reservations- it looked a bit Brewdog-style hipster, with industrial style fittings, and basins and urinal in the bogs made from cut-down beer kegs, (and pictures rather than signs on the doors, which upset Stymistress), but in the event, it was rather nice. Very friendly bar staff, pleasant locals, great beer, music at a sensible volume, and cobs (though our companions weren’t so keen as us on the cobs). A fine pub and well worth the 3 bus (but not long) trip.

Andy’s view here.

The Vine

West Bromwich:

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You can catch sight of this legendary West Brom pub from the M5, if, for example you’re stuck in traffic. It’s tucked in a mixed industrial/residential area down a backstreet, and looks like a traditional boozer. In many ways it is: good beer, lots of little rooms. The surprise is out the back: what would have been a yard is enclosed now and has a indoor Tandoori barbeque. We didn’t eat, retiring instead to the front of the pub for a quiet drink- which is one of this pubs strengths: the back is family friendly (but not over-run with kids) and food-biased, the front traditional. There’s great real ale, and Cobra lager. Judging by the number of people dining (many of them Asian), the food must be good too.