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Kings Wine Bar

Great Yarmouth:

It’s called a wine bar, but it’s a pub, clearly.

Not too bad, either. No ale, but respectable lager. Only real disadvantage being the UKIP-supporting racist idiot gobshite up the corner, who upon learning we were from near Birmingham, proffered “I’ll bet it’s spot the white man”. He proved to be a veritable mine of information, most of it wrong, and had his car keys in one hand, brandy in the other. What’s not to like?

Beside that, a nice enough bar. No food, friendly staff.

The Barking Smack

Great Yarmouth:

Smack? In Great Yarmouth? Well, you’ve got to try it.

I’m assuming this is a reference to a boat- a fishing vessel- rather than drugs, but you never know.

We’d wandered in hoping for lunch, but no food seemed evident, despite the boards outside. There was a good choice of ale though, and the only real problem was the doors being wide open on a coldish day: the place was freezing, so only one (excellent, local) beer.

The Pub on the Prom

Great Yarmouth:

After our first, disappointing visit to Liberty’s, and a failure to get on to Britannia Pier we needed a drink and a sit down, and it was pat midday, so we wandered in. Our expectations weren’t high: it looked like a sub-spoons look alike in some ways- but was actually quite pleasant, and clean inside. It’s attached to a hotel, but was definitely a pub. Our Guinness was fine, and we even managed a brief sit outside in sunshine.

Liberty’s Rock Cafe

Great Yarmouth:

We visited this twice, once at 11:30am, and once later in the evening. It was St Patrick’s day, and the landlady was suitably attired, but the first visit felt wrong: professional drinkers were in (we drank water & coke), and we’d had a walk through some of Gt Yarmouth’s less salubrious areas.

Later that day, we found ourselves back, and went back in, and celebrations were in full swing: a nice atmosphere, cheap Guinness, and the landlady welcomed us back- there was karaoke on with a suitably oirish theme (apparently, the landlord is Irish), and we happily stayed for a few pints…