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The Pool Hayes

Short Heath:

Outside, a standard 1960s estate pub- apparently a fast-disappearing type of building. Inside, it’s a feedbag, but the other sort of feedbag: the pub with Indian food. The food smelt fantastic, to be fair. A little bit of the tall-seat-and-table standard pub furniture, but a friendly owner, decent beer, and the TV muted won it back some points. Not the atmosphere of The Whimsey, but a nice pub.

Andy’s log here.

The Prince of Wales


Odd pub this. It looked closed at first, with one entrance locked and the other shut but unlocked, and the light inside was the only clue. Once inside, the landlord was very friendly, and the pub itself pleasant, but looking like it was in need of a refurb. There was ale on, but the landlaord agreed with us it was on the turn, so we settled for Pedigree from keg, which I’ve not seen before, but was OK (rather than the deep joy that a good pint of cask Pedigree provides). As Andy points out, this could be a great pub, with a bit of a tidy and a few more cask ales, but as it is it’s pleasant enough.