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Revisit: The Bell

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Our original final pub was to be Tinky’s, it being both sublime and next to the bus stops we needed, and still hadn’t been visited as one of #100pubs, but it had adopted its traditional, unpredictable opening schedule, so we went off to The Bell, giving up the quest for the day.

It’s very nice. It’s just been refurbished, with new landlord/landlady, and they haven’t wrecked it. There’s fresh paint, some new outdoor fittings, new handpumps, and new staff, but the basic fabric of this excellent pub remains. Andy’s mild was a bit duff, but replaced without question, and my Sunbeam was excellent, and the place was deservedly popular.

The Spotted Cow

Bloxwich, just up the road from Tinky’s.

I’ve been past The Spotted Cow many times, generally on the way to Tinky’s, but this time we went in, needing to raise the #100pubs count a little.

Owing to the dire selection of beer, we had to resort to Budweiser, and fortunately we found a quiet corner in the place, which was inexplicably crowded. Not exactly awful, but loud, crowded, and with nothing to really wow the place. It could be lovely, though.

The Romping Cat


I have been here before, but pre-Pubblog, so over 6 years ago. Back then I was underwhelmed, but I wonder if my tastes have changed? It’s not plush, but it’s a nice traditional place, and warm and welcoming on a very cold afternoon. Beer (including Pedigree) and staff fine, but the wine was a bit rough, apparently, though I’d not inagine it’s a wine drinker’s pub as a rule.

The Bloxwich Showman


A new ‘spoons, as has been rumoured for a while, and again, it’s an old cinema. People my age or older will remember it as Flix nightclub, and those much older might remember The Grosvenor, operated by Pat Collins.

Inside, it’s standard ‘spoons, but feels much, much smaller than my teenage memory of the Flix nightclub. As it’s been open less than a fortnight, it was still very busy; we found it difficult to get a seat. Food, beer, and staff all fine, and completely as expected, but it has to be a good thing to generate this amount of business in Bloxwich; maybe the much-quoted Wetherspoon halo effect will happen?

The Wheatsheaf


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Quite a surprise this: we were visiting because a friend’s band was playing, so we got dragged along by Andy, and didn’t know what to expect. Inside, it’s quite traditional, but we thought that was probably the corporate Banks’s makeover from a few years back- whatever, it’s pleasant, nicer than expected for a backstreet boozer in Bloxwich. A couple of guest ales, and Banks’s on a hand pull, decent wine at a good price, and very pleasant staff. Hard to judge the normal atmosphere, as half of Essington were in there.