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The Wheatsheaf


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Quite a surprise this: we were visiting because a friend’s band was playing, so we got dragged along by Andy, and didn’t know what to expect. Inside, it’s quite traditional, but we thought that was probably the corporate Banks’s makeover from a few years back- whatever, it’s pleasant, nicer than expected for a backstreet boozer in Bloxwich. A couple of guest ales, and Banks’s on a hand pull, decent wine at a good price, and very pleasant staff. Hard to judge the normal atmosphere, as half of Essington were in there.

The Royal Exchange


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Hadn’t been here for years, and dropped in today. It seems to have been closed and now re-opened with new tenants and a stripped-out, freshly painted interior.

I’m not keen: the tenants and staff were friendly, but the only cask (pedigree) was *terrible*, and the alternatives not good. The interior has lost the character too. To be fair, it had only opened yesterday, so things might improve.

The Beacon Way

Little Bloxwich:

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This pub used to be a bit of a hole as the Nags Head, and was reborn as The Beacon Way a few years ago, with a no-trouble policy, food, and real ale. We visited before PubBlog existed, and it was the kind of pub you *might* consider a lengthy walk to.

Now? Well, I’m led to believe it has closed and just re-opened. As such, it was OK, but only OK. No real ale, and a slight air of desperation, but a friendly gaffer. No food, but reasonable outside space. It’s a modern pub, a bit soulless, but not actually terrible, just not worth a long walk.

The Turf Tavern

Wolverhampton Rd, Bloxwich:

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Been planning a visit here for years. This pub is legendary in pub guides: It almost disappears into the surroundings, but look closely and it’s a real gem. It really is a timewarp: a victorian pub that had a few changes done in the 40s, and has hardly changed since. The only noise is conversation, the welcome is friendly, and the beer excellent. I’ll be going back.

Turf Tavern

The Bell

Bell Lane, Bloxwich:

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I’ve driven past literally hundreds of times, and first visited a few years ago. This is quite a surprise- from Bell Lane it just looks a bit grubby- probably the traffic- but from inside or the beer garden you get a lovely traditional, multi-room pub that looks like not a lot has changed for decades. This time we visited the The Bumpkin and his better half- at his suggestion, but I never pass up the opportunity of a drink here. No food, music at a good level, well-kept beer, and friendly staff & customers. It’s a fantastic pub.