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The Angel


This was, well, as Andy describes, vibrant. As in “let’s drink up and go” vibrant. No ale, lairy customers (staffy on a rope, for a start), loud music, shouty people with hi-viz and/or paint-stained tracky bottoms, girls with less clothing and more bad tattoos than would be desireable. The lack of ale didn’t even allow for a decent lager, which made the fast drink-up even less pleasureable, but at least it meant we had time for the better pubs.

The Horse and Jockey


I’d met Andy in the White Rose, and he expressed an interest in the Horse & Jockey round the corner. I’m never one to refuse a visit to a new pub, so we went in. It’s an odd place, evidently recently refurbed, and with a mix of ages as clientele. The music was over-loud, and no ale, so we settled for mild and Guinness- the former was a bit rough, the latter OK. It wasn’t a terrible pub, but spoiled by the below-par beer and loud music delivered from huuuuge speakers. We departed for The Trumpet (oddly closed), and settled on The Henry Newbolt.

The Lych Gate Tavern


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The latest in the Black Country Taverns chain, this is tucked down a pedestrianised street, just by the gates to St Peters Church.

There’s lots to recommend it: the landlord and landlady previously ran the Black Country Arms, and the owners generally do a good job.

It was quite nice too, but for some reason, it didn’t hit the spot for me, and I don’t know why: the beer was great (with a large selection of very well-kept ale), the welcome was fine, there wasn’t loud music, and there were cobs. The building is old- 16th century in places- and hasn’t been wrecked during the refurb, but for some reason, it seemed to lack something, like the BCA does for me. The worst thing is, there’s nothing wrong with it I can put down in words, I just felt more at ease in The Posada, just up the road, even though there’s so much right here.

The Hogshead


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Hard to belive this hasn’t made it before given the number of lunchtimes I spent here. The Hogshead in Wolves is a very different animal to it’s short-lived Walsall namesake: The Walsall one seemed to specialise in cattle-market, loud music, and crappy lagerfizz. The lager is here as well, but the pub is a little upmarket. It’s still a chain pub, but there’s a good choice of well-kept real ale, more outside space, and decent staff. the food’s Ok too. That’s why this one is still open, and the Walsall one isn’t.

The Moseley Park

Fordhouses, Wolverhampton:

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I had to deliver a friend’s PC back to him, and this was one of the nearest places to go for food. It’s part of the Table Table chain, so I suppose it’s a slightly upmarket chain pub, like The Dilke. As such, it’s OK, but not cheap (while not that expensive either), and the food is OK rather than spectacular. I didin’t try the beer, but the choice was good, and the staff pleasant. The place was pretty busy, but service was still OK.