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The Tap and Spile Duke of York


A pub I’ve frequented before now, but now refurbed nicely and renamed.

Andy’s log here.

The refurb is nice- it’s freshened and smartened things up, but retained the old layout, the beer is good, and the atmosphere great. No complaints here form any of our party, great staff, and a really nice pub. Given that #100pubs had already seen off our usual favourites, this was great.

The Angel


This was, well, as Andy describes, vibrant. As in “let’s drink up and go” vibrant. No ale, lairy customers (staffy on a rope, for a start), loud music, shouty people with hi-viz and/or paint-stained tracky bottoms, girls with less clothing and more bad tattoos than would be desireable. The lack of ale didn’t even allow for a decent lager, which made the fast drink-up even less pleasureable, but at least it meant we had time for the better pubs.

The Horse and Jockey


I’d met Andy in the White Rose, and he expressed an interest in the Horse & Jockey round the corner. I’m never one to refuse a visit to a new pub, so we went in. It’s an odd place, evidently recently refurbed, and with a mix of ages as clientele. The music was over-loud, and no ale, so we settled for mild and Guinness- the former was a bit rough, the latter OK. It wasn’t a terrible pub, but spoiled by the below-par beer and loud music delivered from huuuuge speakers. We departed for The Trumpet (oddly closed), and settled on The Henry Newbolt.