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The Angel


This was, well, as Andy describes, vibrant. As in “let’s drink up and go” vibrant. No ale, lairy customers (staffy on a rope, for a start), loud music, shouty people with hi-viz and/or paint-stained tracky bottoms, girls with less clothing and more bad tattoos than would be desireable. The lack of ale didn’t even allow for a decent lager, which made the fast drink-up even less pleasureable, but at least it meant we had time for the better pubs.

Closed: The Pyle Cock


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How wonderful a pub is this?

It meets several itmes on my ‘desireable‘ list, in that it’s Victorian, it has cobs, it’s not far from a canal and a bus, has 3 public rooms, seems to have a beer garden, no children visible, no TV, and a real fire.

It’s got atmosphere in spades, and excellent beer too. I just wish I lived nearer. Things are very traditional- a bar, a smoke room, and a lounge, and it’s really like a Black Country pub of years ago.

sadly it seems to be about to undergo a change of managment, as it’s to let.