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The Old Bush Inn


[edit] Closed and mostly burnt down.

Another pub that’s seen varying guises: having been a bit of a food pub briefly, it’s now back to it’s original guise of a average, traditional pub just off the common.

Our visit was marred by the beer (my Pedigree was best suited to be used on chips, Stymistress’s budweiser had some of it spilled while being poured into the (plastic) glass, and the barmaid left some of it in the bottle until I asked), and the children whose parents allowed them to run around in circles. Now I know why I always head to The Railway.

Closed: The Pyle Cock


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How wonderful a pub is this?

It meets several itmes on my ‘desireable‘ list, in that it’s Victorian, it has cobs, it’s not far from a canal and a bus, has 3 public rooms, seems to have a beer garden, no children visible, no TV, and a real fire.

It’s got atmosphere in spades, and excellent beer too. I just wish I lived nearer. Things are very traditional- a bar, a smoke room, and a lounge, and it’s really like a Black Country pub of years ago.

sadly it seems to be about to undergo a change of managment, as it’s to let.