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The Claremont

Bognor Regis, West Sussex:

Traditional-looking pub just a short way back from the front, near to an ex-pub now homing the Bognor Regis Museum– where we found that The Claremont is rumoured to be haunted.

Inside, it’s been modernised, but it’s not stripped all the character from it, and it’s clean and smart. There wass cask ale, but I missed it and had posh lager instead. We were hoping for food, but they don’t currently do that midweek. Staff were really friendly and pleasant.

The Regis

Bognor Regis, West Sussex:

A Brewer’s Fayre right on the seafront, and presumably trading on position alone.

I’ll start with the good: the staff were pleasant.

Nothing much else was: the solitary ale was Doom Bar. The place felt a little grubby throughout, and things were tatty- the fireplace with bricks missing, for a start. The pinnacle though, were the toilets: there was a notice saying they were regularly checked: presumably to check they were filthy enough: apparently the ladies was strewn with toilet paper, and had one broken seat and one broken door lock. The gents had every urinal bagged over, and no bog roll in one of the two cubicles.

While I’ve seen toilets as bad elsewhere, and kind of like tatty pubs, I’d expect the trade-off for a family feedbag to be that if the drinks choice is a bit crap and there’s no atmosphere, at least the place is clean….

The Waverley

Bognor Regis:

Seafront pub. A look at the coherent Google reviews (click the map) will tell you most you need to know: it was Ok when we visited but I guess it could be a bit “vibrant” at times. Staff friendly enough, lots of outside space, but drinks prices a bit high.