The Royal Exchange


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Hadn’t been here for years, and dropped in today. It seems to have been closed and now re-opened with new tenants and a stripped-out, freshly painted interior.

I’m not keen: the tenants and staff were friendly, but the only cask (pedigree) was *terrible*, and the alternatives not good. The interior has lost the character too. To be fair, it had only opened yesterday, so things might improve.

The Beacon Way

Little Bloxwich:

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This pub used to be a bit of a hole as the Nags Head, and was reborn as The Beacon Way a few years ago, with a no-trouble policy, food, and real ale. We visited before PubBlog existed, and it was the kind of pub you *might* consider a lengthy walk to.

Now? Well, I’m led to believe it has closed and just re-opened. As such, it was OK, but only OK. No real ale, and a slight air of desperation, but a friendly gaffer. No food, but reasonable outside space. It’s a modern pub, a bit soulless, but not actually terrible, just not worth a long walk.