The Moseley Park

Fordhouses, Wolverhampton:

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I had to deliver a friend’s PC back to him, and this was one of the nearest places to go for food. It’s part of the Table Table chain, so I suppose it’s a slightly upmarket chain pub, like The Dilke. As such, it’s OK, but not cheap (while not that expensive either), and the food is OK rather than spectacular. I didin’t try the beer, but the choice was good, and the staff pleasant. The place was pretty busy, but service was still OK.

The Foley Arms


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I pass this pub practically every weekday, but rarely go in. It’s a traditional pub that’s now part of the Sizzling chain. This essentially means cheap but unremarkable food and beer, and a standardised chain experience. This isn’t a bad thing, if that’s what you’re after: the food isn’t bad at all, the beer is drinkable (but no real ale), and it’s a fairly comfortable place to sit.

The King Arthur

Park Hall, Walsall:

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I don’t think we caught this on a good day, but by god, it was grim. We had high hopes, this being a Good Beer Guide featured pub, and, to be honest, the beer was very good indeed. But beyond that? It’s a 1960s pub with 1980s decor in the middle of Park Hall, a 1960s housing estate. It was packed, and packed with loud football supporters watching the very loud TV. Dark to the point of pitch black inside, and generally not somewhere I’d go back to. Shame.