Ocean’s Bar

LLandudno Pier:

I love pier bars. Hell, I love piers, and I like drinking, so it’s a good combination, and as they go (often fairly terrible, to be fair), this isn’t bad, in a smallish pavillion at the end of the pier. No ale, but bearable lager. No toilets either- or at least, they’re a short walk across the boards, which is a bit cold in November. Great views over the sea and the Orme, and it was handy to await the firework display.

The Yacht

Pensarn, near Abergele:

A lunchtime stop, picked for the big adjacent car park, A55 proximity, and good reviews.

Two rooms- a bar with locals and a lounge with tourists having lunch. Very pleasant staff, and not a bad place to stop. Guinness and wine went down without complaint from my companions; no ale, but I was driving anyway. Decent food at a good price.