Revisits: The Watering Trough

Revisit of a revisit of a revisit.

I’d been really, really concerned about The Trough. Back, 30 years ago, it was a haven in Walsall: the one rock pub; safe; comfortable, decent music.

Over the years it’s been a bit variable, but overall it’s remained a rock pub.

So the announcement in local press that it was going to be a fun pub with a Peaky Blinders theme filled me with dread.

As it was? Well, there’s a few “Garrison Public House” signs, a few fake B9 signs, and a shitload of Peaky Blinders pictures that could be really awful.


It’s still the same pub. Rock music, the same layout, really friendly staff. No ale now, but decent lager. Happily, it’s still a nice place to go. The architecture of the pub actually fits with the times of the TV series, and happily, you could take all the tat out in five minutes.